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Why to become a sponsor of the Astronomic Center AAV Lue-Stailas

On behalf of the Alpine Astrovillage Lue-Stailas, we would like to invite you to join the Sponsorship Team. The contributions made either by communities/businesses or by private sponsors will help to realize the AAV, which plans to open in 2009 - the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Recent statistics show that the global interest in astronomy increases every year dramatically. Moreover, people are not only interested in astronomy and astrophotography but they also realize how important their contribution is in the preservation of our global natural habitat, which also includes the protection of dark night skies by a strict control of light pollution.

AAV Lue-Stailas belongs together with the budding UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Val Mustair/Swiss National Park to organizations that join in the efforts to save our planet and its night skies for many generation to come.

The founders of AAV Lue-Stailas decided after more than 20 years of scientific work in biomedical sciences, to dedicate from now on all their time and money to the establishment of a high-end astrophotography center in the Swiss Alps in order to propagate the public awareness for the beauty and values of pristine dark skies.

Please, join the AAV Lue-Stailas Sponsorship Team in this endeavor. Choose from several sponsorship categories and become an AAV Lue-Stailas sponsor.

The money from sponsorships is dedicated to:

  • the creation of an internationally recognized center for astrophotography in a unique alpine environment in Switzerland
  • developing a site where scientists and amateurs can meet and exchange valuable experiences
  • purchasing of high-quality astronomical equipment
  • purchasing of astronomical books and journals
  • developing an additional network with a remote astroimaging site in Australia
  • furnishing of studios for visiting astronomers
  • organizing of public events, such as school visits, open doors, and starparties
  • organizing of seminars and workshops
  • increasing of national and international visibility of the small county of Lue and of the entire Val Mustair
  • helping develop astronomical projects with Swiss and international research institutions and universities

Benefits and rewards for the members of the Sponsorship Team

There are several sponsorship categories to choose from for private and non-private (government, businesses, and others) sponsors. Each category has its specific level of recognition and/or promotion options.

If you have any questions or need further information, please, contact us.

Thank you for your support.


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